Sullivan’s Island by Dorothea Benton Frank

Dorothea Benton Frank’s first novel, “Sullivan’s Island”, is set on the eponymous island located in South Carolina. The novel showcases the island’s charm and beauty, and while specific restaurants and locations are not extensively mentioned, here are a few notable places that are referenced:

1. Poe’s Tavern: This restaurant is mentioned in the novel and is located on Sullivan’s Island. It is known for its casual atmosphere and delicious burgers.

2. Station 22: Station 22 is a beach access point on Sullivan’s Island. It is mentioned in the novel as a place where the characters go to enjoy the beach and the ocean. You can find information about all of the public beach access points on Sullivan’s Island here.

3. Fort Moultrie: Fort Moultrie is an historic site on Sullivan’s Island. Patriots inside a palmetto log fort, later named Fort Moultrie, defeated the Royal Navy in 1776. It is mentioned in the novel as a place where the characters visit to learn about the island’s history.

4. The Obstinate Daughter: While not explicitly mentioned in “Sullivan’s Island,” The Obstinate Daughter is a popular restaurant located on Sullivan’s Island. It is a Southern restaurant that is influenced by French, Italian and Spanish cuisine

5. Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse: The Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse is mentioned in passing in the novel. It is a very unique triangular lighthouse located on the island.

These are some of the places and locations that are referenced in “Sullivan’s Island” by Dorothea Benton Frank. The novel captures the essence of the island and its community, showcasing its natural beauty and rich history.

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