Shooting stars rained down on the courtyard, but however hard I searched, I couldn’t find anything more to wish for than I had. "The Way of the World" by

"The Way of the World" - Nicolas Bouvier


Not wanting anything more than what you have is a target fom most of the humanity. Feeling totally satified with what we have and not desiring anything else is pure happiness. You might think it is a luxury or something that is available for few rich people but Nicolas Bouvier and his 'budget' journey undertaken in the early 50s proves quite differently. Watching the stars and feeling like being a part of this universe is something that is achievable to all of us. Being there in the world, in the right place at the right time is my aspiration to travel.


Agata started travelling couple of years ago. She often goes off the beaten track, but always has a book in her hand. Inspiration for many of her travels were found in a book. She is founder of a project called through which she shares her knowledge of Italy gained over many years of residence in Ferrara. She enjoys italian food and wine.


Photo of the Church of the Good Shepherd courtesy of Shaun Jeffers