The departure had been like a rebirth. "The Way of the World" by

"The Way of the World" - Nicolas Bouvier


The departure had been like a rebirth, and my world seemed to new to bend to methodical reflection. I had neither freedom nor flexibility, just desire and panic, pure and simple. I tore up and began the same page twenty times over... "The Way of the World" by

Bouvier has always treated his journey from Switzerland to India seriously. He was ready to be changed by this journey. For a year and a half he was experiencing the world allowing himself to get lost in wilderness, meeting people, teaching French and repairing his car. At the same time he struggled to describe his experience. He always wanted to share it with his readers but soon after the departure he discovered how difficult it is. Eventually, he needed five years to complete his first book The Way of the World. But after all, he created a masterpiece. And today, after so many years, I still find his book inspiring. And challenging too.


Agata started travelling couple of years ago. She often goes off the beaten track, but always has a book in her hand. Inspiration for many of her travels were found in a book. She is founder of a project called through which she shares her knowledge of Italy gained over many years of residence in Ferrara. She enjoys italian food and wine.