I can bring forth, on the darkest day, bright diamonds of remembered joys. "Early Travel Photography" by

"Early Travel Photography" - Burton Holmes


I can bring forth, on the darkest day, bright diamonds of remembered joys, diamonds whose many facets reflect some happy dream come true, a small ambition gratified, a long-sought sensation, caught and savored to the full, a little journey made, an expedition carried to success, several circumnavigations of the globe accomplished. "Early Travel Photography" by

These words were written by Burton Holmes in the preface to this fascinating book of his photographs and commentary from his travels around the world. I love his often-quoted saying, “To travel is to possess the world” which captures the overall sense of fulfillment that I get from travel.

But these words written five years before he died about the importance of his travel memories to him resonate with me more deeply. His memories are the treasures that he had been “…hoarding like a happy miser for more than half a century” and that he owns forever.

Memories of our experiences and what we’ve gained in knowledge and enjoyment from them are the treasures of our lives. This quote also inspires me to continue choosing to collect my priceless travel experiences, often in lieu of collecting material items that eventually lose their value. His message fits well with my belief that we should take every opportunity to possess the world through travel so at the end of our lives we can feel that we have realized our dreams.


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