Away to the high plains rolling in waves to the rising final chord of the Rocky Mountains "Great Plains" by

"Great Plains" - Ian Frazier


When I was running my PR agency in the 1990s, I was lucky enough to work for Wrangler Jeans. My work for them took me all over the central plains and Rocky Mountains in America, from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. As a child I was fascinated by the history of the Native American Indians, and when I knew I was to travel to their old lands in Montana, I picked up Great Plains to read. It drew wonderful pictures in my mind which were completely validated by my travels through this wonderful part of America.


Jenny is a travel blogger, a brand alignment consultant, a Nature Connector and a lover of all wild things. Since her first ever overseas trip to Paris as a small child, she has remained fascinated with the idea of discovery, the urge for a quest which wells up inside humans to go forth, search, experience and discover new places, people and most importantly, new ideas.