Travelling outgrows its motives. "The Way of the World" by

"The Way of the World" - Nicolas Bouvier


Travelling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you - or unmaking you. "The Way of the World" by

This is the key to understand Bouvier and his writing, I think. Genius in simplicity. A particular mindset that allowed him to absorb as many impressions as possible. He was free from every duty, necessity to beat anyone, challenge to achieve something. The only thing he really wanted was to travel light, meet people and know the way of the world.

As a traveller I think this is a very hard state of mind to achieve. I often find myself drawn back by issues left at home. My real aim in planning a trip is dealing with all issues before I go. These turn out to be the best travels because I am ready to embrace whatever comes. I find Bouvier a real master in traveling and I consider his book a true guidebook and endless inspiration.


Agata started travelling couple of years ago. She often goes off the beaten track, but always has a book in her hand. Inspiration for many of her travels were found in a book. She is founder of a project called through which she shares her knowledge of Italy gained over many years of residence in Ferrara. She enjoys italian food and wine.